The Artful Eye is happy to review its portfolio with prospective clients by appointment only. Our portfolio includes various major design and decoration projects, including the following residential living spaces: bathrooms, exercise room, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, both single and multiple room projects for new and renovated spaces.

Project work illustrated in our portfolio has ranged from

redesigning interior spaces
choosing fixtures, appliances and facings
designing floor, ceiling and electrical plans
designing furniture, a fireplace and stained glass windows
specifying materials for floors, partitions, stairways, walls and lighting
choosing window treatments, soft furnishings, bed ensembles, and table settings
selecting fabrics, carpeting, wall hangings, accessories, furniture and lighting fixtures
specifying faux painting treatments and doing faux painting itself
identifying room themes, focal points and color

To view a public space designed and decorated by The Artful Eye at the Mansion in May 2001, please go to
News and Info

During your visit to this space, be sure to read through Design Challenges and Constraints and Design Solutions, as well as the Room Description, since these will acquaint prospective clients with our design process. The photos will then illustrate the design approach taken by The Artful Eye. Additional photos, examples of fabrics, paint color, treatments and accessories used in A Naturalist's Study are available for prospective clients to view in person during our portfolio review.

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